Why Because Market is the Perfect Solution for Incontinence-Related Skin Issues

As one of the 25 million Americans who face adult incontinence, you’re probably familiar with all of the inconveniences that come along with it. Aside from the more obvious inconveniences, one side effect of incontinence that often goes unaddressed is IAD: incontinence-associated dermatitis. It’s a long name, but in short, IAD is a form of skin irritation that can occur as a result of a compromised skin barrier. One major unexpected factor that could be making IAD worse? Low-quality incontinence products that are causing skin irritation.

Does your incontinence cause skin irritation?

Poor-quality incontinence products are often the root cause of IAD.

If itchy, raw skin and unexpected leaks sound all too familiar, then maybe it’s time to upgrade your incontinence products to something that fits you better. By upgrading to premium incontinence products, you can guard your delicate skin from IAD and other incontinence-related issues. Here at World News You, we love Because Market, the online market that provides high-quality incontinence products. Consumers overwhelmingly attest to the dependability of Because through over 10,000  five-star reviews, solidifying its trusted reputation. The reviews make sense due to how much there is to love about Because from their high-quality products to their ease of delivery and stellar customer service.

Try upgrading your incontinence products for a better experience… One that doesn’t cause IAD.

Thanks to Because Market’s unparalleled absorption abilities, those suffering from skin irritations like IAD can now get relief. They’ve collaborated with the Department of Urology at Stanford Hospital to develop a brand-new incontinence underwear style with a two-layer absorption core that captures and stores more moisture, faster. Because underwear captures and stores more moisture, faster, absorbing over 37% more liquid than Depend and their pads capture 80% more than Always Discreet, as verified by a 3rd party lab. To prevent IAD, rapid absorption is pivotal since it reduces the amount of time that your skin is exposed to liquid. The underwear is made to hold up to 6 cups of liquid, providing more than adequate capacity for the typical human bladder which can only contain up to 2 cups. With Because products tailored for an active lifestyle, you don’t have to worry about any chafing when wearing them during your daily activities. Plus, they have a quiz to make sure you order exactly the right size and product for your specific incontinence issues!

Because Market makes incontinence products that are soft on skin

Not only are Because products incredibly absorbent, but they have also been rigorously tested by dermatologists and proven to be safe on all skin types. Created from breathable fabrics and plant-based cellulose, Because underwear is soft to the touch yet provides excellent absorption capabilities. Their products are also latex and fragrance free and contain no harsh chemicals or irritants. All this adds up to seriously soft, comfortable underwear that’s built to protect your skin while offering top-rate absorption.

Say goodbye to IAD & Try Because!

Luckily, upgrading to high-quality incontinence products doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Right now, Because Market is offering 40% off your first order for new customers! Try Because Market today, and stop letting your skin suffer as a result of incontinence.

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