I’ll Never Buy Depend Again, Thanks To This Doctor-Developed Incontinence Underwear

As a person who lives with incontinence, I used to be resigned to an embarrassing routine. Every time I needed new underwear, I’d head to my local drugstore and buy a box of Depend (I avoid Always because it’s too expensive). The drugstore employees can never answer my questions about the difference between the various styles. Not to mention, the quick judgmental glances from other shoppers were too much to bear during some trips. The shame of my drugstore routine only amplified as I strolled home with a big, unwieldy box of Depend.

Using these products was no better than the experience of buying them. Depend occasionally leaks, and they certainly don’t look or feel like regular underwear. I simply felt defeated. How could I find leakproof incontinence underwear that brought back my confidence? Could I ever shop stigma-free? There were so many questions, and I didn’t know where to turn.

My friend Alice told me that she switched to buying her incontinence products online to avoid the humiliating drugstore trip. She had chosen Because Market as her new brand of choice. Not only did Because deliver products discreetly to her door every month, but the products were higher-quality, too. Because never “leaked,” and they supported a discreet silhouette that a bulky pair of Depend never could. Plus, Because had trained staff on hand who she could call at any time. I was reassured to see that the Because women’s underwear has earned 4.8 out of 5 stars from 2000 or so user reviews. It was worth a try.

Because doesn’t offer any ordinary incontinence products. They collaborated with the Department of Urology at Stanford Hospital to develop a brand new incontinence underwear style with a two-layer absorption core that captures and stores more moisture, faster. The Because underwear can absorb an average of 25 percent more liquid than Depend and Always in not even 20 seconds, a fraction of the time those brands take.

It seemed likely that I could always depend on Because, so I took its starter quiz, and then it delivered a starter pack to my house. The underwear felt softer and thinner than Depend. I was overjoyed that I no longer looked like an old person wearing an ugly cloud of a diaper. Over the course of the day, I would also come to learn that Because’s claims of supreme, rapid absorbency are true. My Because underwear was so quickly and reliably absorbent that I couldn’t believe that I relied on Depend in the past. I signed up for a monthly subscription so I’d never be without Because.

I’ve now entirely switched my incontinence protection to Because, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I haven’t stepped foot in a drugstore for incontinence underwear since, and I’m going about my day in comfy, hyper-absorbent underwear that never leaks. Plus, I love who I see in the mirror, which I previously thought was impossible with incontinence!

If you too hate going to the drugstore for incontinence underwear and need a higher-quality solution, you can take advantage of Because Market’s intro deal for new members! Click here to buy the Because Market starter pack for just $2.99 and see if a membership works for you.  A happier, more confident you is only a few clicks away!

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